Your Own Family Based Business Angel

posted on 08 Jun 2014 20:46 by rarejug850

Last night I had a flash of what life was like before mega connectedness. Our internet was down because of a local power outage and they didn't get it fixed for a day and a half.

6)Does the company offer global expansion? This is an easy one. Does the product(s) offer you the ability to build your business in other countries without any problems? Sometimes consumables like foods, drinks, health supplements, etc. are not allowed into other countries. Whereas informational type products are easily shared as a tangible item to be shipped or via the internet.

Be patient and try to see it from the customer/client's point of view. We've all been in a situation where we've experienced some sort of poor customer service, whether it was dealing with the reps at your cell phone company or trying to return something to a department store. So, use these past experiences to see it from your client's point of view. Try to be patient and attempt to understand what they need or want and how you can help them. Listen to what it is they are actually saying and put yourself in their shoes.

A additional info gives you all of the advantages of a real office without much of the cost or hassle of running a regular office. To your clients it looks like you are a regular, well-established business with your own offices. This gives them confidence to use you. In addition, you effectively get limited reception and secretarial services for a fraction of the cost.

WHAM Forums: There are many wham forums. Many of them have a lot of ads but if you are looking to make contact and get basic information on opportunities to work at home, wham forums are good.

If your day is being chewed up by answering email, updating your websites or doing research for your next product, you might want to consider outsourcing those things to a virtual assistant. This can free up your time to work on the most important things that only you can do.

Sometimes the tiniest details will throw your startup company into disaster. Understanding your business totally will give you much better operational control. In most cases there is a direct correlation between the quality of your decisions and the size of your revenue stream. For minimum risk, you must understand fully this cause-and-effect correlation.

That pretty much does it. You need to spend some time initially training and working with your Virtual Assistant to make sure they understand what your requirements are. Once that's done just make sure your having fun and enjoy all that extra free time!