Marketing agencies come in many different shapes and sizes and are traditionally busy working environments where people's time is at a premium. Dealing with telephone answering needs all day could distract employees from getting on with their main duties. Here are 10 ways that using an outsourced call answering service could be of great benefit.

A in his article gives you an address to which you can have your mail sent. If you want to you can have that mail forwarded to you by post or you can have it opened for you and have copies faxed or emailed to you. Some locations include a fax number. People can send you faxes, which are then forwarded to you via e-mail.

Second, be certain to list yourself in social media marketing. If Mary decides to discover a virtual assistant, she won't type "virtual assistant" into ask search. She'll ask her good friends. She'll tune in to social media marketing, such as Twitter and also Facebook.

From the very first customer, think exceptional customer service. Consider the experience you want them to have that will reflect well on you. If you don't, they may sully your reputation before you get going. Create a system that will allow you to always give the same level of service no matter how many clients you have or who is serving the client. We failed to have a system from the very beginning so we often found ourselves reacting to every request that came in, essentially re-creating the wheel every time. We have since developed a customer contact system. A spreadsheet tracks everyone. It has names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, project information and whatever else we can think of. Eventually we'll add birthdays! This is a work in progress, but requests no longer make us feel scattered.

Don't plan for failure. Planning for failure almost invariably leads to failure, or at least has a way of undermining your resolve. The tough times are what separate the survivors from the many strewn casualties lying alongside the startup highway.

Let them know you're there for them. Keep in contact with your client while you're working with them and inform them of any important updates and the progress of the work being done. In addition, let them know that you're there to answer any questions or to listen to their input for the project. Most people like to be assured that you are going to be open to their suggestions or available to talk if they feel the need.

Many new business owners are tempted to skip these steps--especially those doing business on the Internet. The purpose of these steps goes beyond limiting personal liability and setting up a proper business. It also puts you in the mindset of a real business. If you were going to build a mansion, you wouldn't buy a piece of land that could only fit a mobile home on it would you? Building a successful business is not just about results, it's about the state of mind that helps produce those results.